Advantages of automatic nozzle bag welding machine


Manually, manually place the straw in the mouth of the […]

Manually, manually place the straw in the mouth of the bag and place it between the two heat-sealing knives for heat sealing. The linear automatic tip welding machine is used. The movement of the linear welding machine is driven by a transmission chain, and the stations are fixed on the transmission chain. Due to the limitation of the equipment volume, there are few working stations on the linear welding machine.

Most of the stations are idle during the motion cycle, and it is difficult to work at the same time, so the efficiency is very low. In addition, the linear welding machine Each station is active on the endless belt, it is difficult to install its accessory parts, and its own stability is difficult to guarantee, so the fault is very high. The disc welder fixes all stations around the disc. The station is completely fixed with the main body of the disc, so that the stability is good and the failure rate is low.

Based on the stable condition of the station, the disc can be placed horizontally, and all the stations can complete the corresponding process, which is greatly The ground has improved work efficiency. The disc-type welding machine fixes all the stations around the disc, and the disc is fixed on the splitter (the motor and the reducer controlled by the inverter drive the splitter and the disc for intermittent movement). When working, the disc is placed horizontally. Because the disc rotates in the horizontal plane, the corresponding process can be completed at all stations, and the work content increases a lot in the same cycle, so the production efficiency is high.

The station is stable in installation, and can be equipped with a fixed bag holder and a fixed tube holder, so that the failure rate is greatly reduced and the product quality is greatly improved. The traditional linear welding machine is driven by the transmission chain, and the station is installed on the transmission chain. During the cycle rotation, most of the stations are idle (cannot work), so the output is very low; and because each station is active during the cycle rotation, it is difficult to install its auxiliary accessories, and its own stability Sex is also difficult to achieve, so the failure rate is very high, and the waste will increase a lot.

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