Characteristics of plastic nozzle accessories


Nozzle accessories include pipe threaded fittings, sole […]

Nozzle accessories include pipe threaded fittings, solenoid valves and liquid filters and pressure gauge fittings.The main material of the pipe thread joint is stainless steel, and the thread connection method can be divided into a female thread connection and an external thread connection. This type of joint is often used to connect pipes for construction, water conservancy projects, and bridge construction. The solenoid valve is also a nozzle fitting with an internal threaded connection.

The valve body of the solenoid valve is usually made of stainless steel and brass. Its piston structure is special, its wear resistance is high, and it does not generate any noise during operation. The material of the seal is nitrile rubber or fluorinated rubber. The action mode of the valve can be divided into direct-acting type, step-by-step direct-acting type and pilot type. Its connection method is two-way type and two-position three-way type. It is mainly used in air compressors, blow molding machines, fire safety, stage equipment, food equipment, cleaning equipment and other industries. The liquid filter has a detachable guide cup with mesh screens of various sizes.

Its biggest feature is that when it needs to be cleaned, it only needs to take out the detachable filter cartridge, remove the impurities and re-install it, so it is very convenient to use and maintain. The liquid filter is suitable for use in system piping such as steam, air, water, oil, etc. It can protect various measuring instruments, pumps, valves and various nozzle equipment. The joints of the pressure gauge and the parts in contact with the liquid are made of brass and are mainly used to measure the gas or liquid pressure which is non-corrosive to copper and copper alloy, non explosive, and difficult to crystallize and precipitate. This type of instrument requires vertical installation and stable load.

It has been proven that the nozzle has the highest cooling efficiency and is suitable for gases that require rapid cooling. Under the low pressure system, the cooling effect of the nozzle was studied. By controlling the boiling point of the fluid, the purpose of controlling the surface temperature can be achieved. Cooling technology is affected by many factors, and the magnitude of the pressure has a large effect on the cooling effect. This cooling technology is very attractive to the low temperature heat industry. For the body temperature and heat industry such as electronics, avionics, laser, photoelectric control, etc., this cooling technology is very practical.

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