Development background of bagged nozzles


In the traditional case, when soldiers in the field cro […]

In the traditional case, when soldiers in the field cross-country or combat training, they usually carry bottled drinking water in order to drink water in time, but the bottled drinking water is usually bulky and difficult to carry. Therefore, portable water bags are usually used instead of traditional bottled water.

The existing portable water bags are generally composed of a bag body, a lid and a drinking water port, mainly changing the original hard bottle body into an existing soft bottle. The bag body is more convenient to carry. However, soldiers must use two-handed operation when drinking water through existing portable water bags, that is, one hand to hold instead, the other hand to unscrew the bottle cap, and then use the mouth to align with the water inlet to drink water.

When the drinking water is completed, the cap must be screwed to prevent water leakage. In addition, in harsh environments such as field activities and military operations, soldiers are often not allowed to perform large-scale operations such as two-handed operation.

Therefore, soldiers can only perform drinking operations with one hand, but soldiers cannot satisfy the use of existing portable water bags. Complete the operation with one hand. In addition, if you use the existing portable water bag, forgetting to screw the cover will not only leak the reference, but also protect the water quality of the bag, affect the health of the user, and the safety of use is low. Obviously, the existing portable water bag cannot. More effectively meet people's needs.

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