Distinguish the quality of plastic cups


In all the materials of the water cup, there are many t […]

In all the materials of the water cup, there are many types of plastic materials, there are 7 kinds of classification, but the most common and most commonly used plastic cups are only PC, PP, tritan, let us know about this. Which of the three plastic materials is the best!PC plastic water cup is the most controversial, do not ask why, the bisphenol。

A incident in previous years has been troubledBoiling, since the detection of bisphenol A in the plastic cup of PC material, the heat of the plastic cup has dropped to a limit, and even many people have abandoned the plastic cup they use. In fact, although bisphenol A is terrible, it is only at high temperature. In the case of the trigger, if you do not use the PC cup to install hot water, you do not have to worry about the problem of bisphenol A! In this way, do you have such a question。

Can plastic water cups be filled with hot water? Actually not, because bisphenol A is only found in PC materials, and it is not found in pp materials. Of course, this is not to say how good plastic water cups are made of pp materials, because foreign bodies have detected plastics of pp material. The water cup will release bisphenol S at high temperatures, so what is bisphenol S? A simple summary is: bisphenol S as a substitute for bisphenol A, the harm is similar to bisphenol A!

Tritan material, with the popularity in recent years, has gradually made people familiar with this plastic material. Tritan material is used as the material for the baby products in Europe and America. After testing the tritan material, the ranta material is not only free of bisphenol A and bisphenol S. It does not contain any bisphenols. It is arguably the safest plastic material available!

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