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There are two main types of mechanical accessories indu […]

There are two main types of mechanical accessories industry handles: plastic and steel. Steel parts are machined and cast. Plastic handles are available in thermoset plastics and thermoplastics. The specifics here are not so detailed, let's look at how the four main craft handles are distinguished. Lathe processing steel parts: measuring the handle size is strictly in accordance with the industry's implementation of standard processing focus on the installation of the handle handle screw part is frustrating thread or machine tool die set out, here to focus on distinguishing, the screw accuracy and hardness are not very good And the surface of the rough handle is smooth and burr-free, and the anti-rust treatment process is passed.

Casting handle lathe processing.Look at the handle mounting position, the accuracy of the screw and the overall handle size are completely processed according to the mechanical department standard. The surface of the handle is rough and has blisters. Whether the surface treatment of the handle is smooth and burr-free, and whether the anti-rust process is passed. Thermosetting plastic handle First introduce the raw material used to make thermosetting plastic handle is phenolic plastic, commonly known as bakelite, bakelite, English abbreviation PF. The bakelite handle has the properties of insulation, friction resistance, no hand injury, strong hardness, no pollution, corrosion resistance, and the surface is bright.

Watch if the bakelite handle surface is shiny and burr-free. Whether the screws and nesting of the handle are of sufficient grade, accuracy and rust prevention process are passed. Whether the overall measuring handle is processed according to the industry standard of the mechanical department. The screw and thread nesting of the handle are pre-buried in the bakelite handle. It is best to do a destructive experiment, the firmness of the metal part and the bakelite handle part. Generally speaking, the screws embedded in the handle should have hex nuts and full thread to prevent the screws from rotating or falling off 360 degrees in the handle. Some manufacturers will also add a hex nut to the hex nut bolts.

Enhance its firmness. The thermoplastic handle is tested in the same way as the bakelite handle.Differences in performance between thermoset plastic handles and thermoplastic handles Thermoset plastics are mechanically strong and have a bright surface. Good corrosion resistance, large temperature range, no deformation, but it is brittle and can not withstand heavy heavy blows. There are many kinds of thermoplastics, and there are advantages and disadvantages in terms of acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, friction resistance, temperature resistance, etc. For details, please refer to the introduction of common plastic material properties in the technical article of this site, and their common points are compared with bakelite: Resilience, excessive external force will be too much deformation, but will not be broken.

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