How to buy different candlesticks


On long winter nights, candles can bring warmth  both v […]

On long winter nights, candles can bring warmth  both visual and literal  to the dining table. As Adam Hunter, an interior and product designer in Los Angeles, put it, “They’re crucial: They provide that magical glow that people really associate with home.And what you choose to hold them can be as important as the candles themselves.

Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, from simple, single-taper designs to elaborate, multi-armed candelabra, candlesticks set the stage for a minimalist dinner or a maximalist party.For a creative tablescape, Mr. Hunter suggested combining pieces from different sets.

Mixing sizes is the key to making the styling look effortless,” he said, although it can take some time to get the arrangement just right.It’s like hanging art,” he said. “You want to make it feel cohesive, but help the individual candlesticks shine.”How much should a candlestick weigh? “The heavier, the better,” said Mr. Hunter, who prefers hefty designs made of stone, brass or thick glass, for their sense of ceremony.

It should almost feel like a trophy.”Does your candleholder transform the light? Some have patterns, perforations or reflective elements that do more than merely hold a candle upright.What kind of candles will you use? Traditional tapers are most common, but Mr. Hunter suggests trying votive or pillar candles instead.

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