plastic candle cup factory


Shenyang tengsheng plastic products factory was founded […]

Shenyang tengsheng plastic products factory was founded in 1999, the factory is located in qianjin farm, xinchengzi district, shenyang city, liaoning province. In 2011, the factory was relocated due to land expropriation by the local government and renamed as shenyang tengsheng plastic products factory, now renamed as shenyang tengsheng plastic packaging co., LTD.The company specializing in the production of flame retardant plastic candle cup, plastic candle holders, soya-bean milk sauce jelly suction nozzle, plastic suction nozzle, self-reliance bag of straw, wax cups of tea, tea wax plastic shell, self-supporting bag suction nozzle, rice clasp hands, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, detergent, pesticide packaging, plastic packaging products, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, detergent bottles, plastic cup candle, candlestick, candle barrels, etc. Products that meet the requirements of environmental protection.Products beautiful and generous, good technology, bright and colorful, strong impact resistance, good flame retardant performance, high transparency, light weight, not easy to break, high safety.Liaoning shenyang, dandong, guangdong guangzhou, tianjin, zhejiang, hebei and other places.