The meaning of the existence of a candle light bottle


Candle lights are also called new smokeless candle ligh […]

Candle lights are also called new smokeless candle lights. These candle lights are similar in shape to real candles, but they do not produce smoke or carcinogens. Users can rest assured. Built-in power-saving light bulb, as long as three small lithium batteries, even if used continuously for a long time, will not overheat the lamp holder. The candle lamp comprises a candle-shaped lamp body, a lamp cap for connecting to the lamp holder and an illuminator built in the lamp body, characterized in that the two electrodes of the illuminant are respectively connected to respective electrodes of the lamp cap. 

Collecting body, a supporting body is arranged in the barrel body, a plurality of inclined holding blocks are arranged on the lower edge of the barrel body, and a holding space is formed with the supporting edge body; a base is provided with a receiving groove for placing the battery, and the base is arranged There is a holding seat on the upper part, and there is a placing groove in the holding seat, and a guide bar is arranged on both sides of the groove; the lower circumference of the base is provided with an inclined surface facing the inclined block; the base is placed under the wind collecting body, and the holding block and the support are engaged In the rim space, a blasting device has a blasting hood for accommodating the motor, a C-shaped clamping portion for arranging the bulb on one side, a wind hole at the upper end, guide rails on both sides, and the blasting device is placed in the pedestal。

The inside of the groove is inserted into the guide rail and is fixed in the holding seat; a windshield has a perforation in the center, and a plate body is respectively arranged on both sides of the perforation, and a pattern decorative piece is adhered to the plate body; One end of the perforation is provided with a circular hole, and a hood is arranged above the circular hole; the wind shield is placed above the collecting cylinder body, and the card is abutted against the upper end of the supporting body body in the barrel body. Most of them use single-chip microcomputer (ELAN) control to realize timing, remote control, and blown out.

LEDs are energy efficient and can be used continuously for more than 12 hours with two rechargeable NiMH batteries. These candle lights are ideal for window displays, decorative lighting, mood lighting, restaurant/bar table lighting, evening lighting in gardens, ponds, boats or backyards, and are easy to carry. Each set has 4 candle lights and 1 charging base and 1 power adapter. The other accessories in the box also include 4 frosted plastic lampshades. The lampshade can beautify the appearance of the lamp to make it look more like a real candle. The solid-state design of the LED gives the LED excellent resistance to shock, vibration and frequent start-up.

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