Pouched Suction Nozzle And Caps Manufacturers

Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory is professional China Doypack Suction nozzle with screw caps Manufacturers and Plastic Doypack Spout and Caps suppliers .They are passionately fighting for the development of Tengsheng Plastic Industry. After continuous exploration, Tengsheng people have drawn their own path to success. Always keep the technology leader and always pursue the best quality. Tengsheng people have been striving to provide better products and services to domestic and foreign customers.Our factory can produce all kinds of Plastic Doypack Spout and Caps. At present, the main products are plastic candle cups (different in size and shape, more than 120 models, and still developing new products), self suction bag nozzles (all sizes), liquid candles bottles (more than 20 models) and so on. All products are being exported, and the plastic candle cups have been widely loved by foreign customers.